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We believe our approach to design should respond to the client and the unique conditions of each project, creating inspiring places we are proud of. From quality residential to commercial projects, we provide creative solutions that fit the individual lives and needs of every client.

We understand the places we build. We continually rely upon our extensive experience and knowledge of the site: its people, climate, history and beauty to provide appropriate design solutions that work

We utilize the latest technology for accurate and comprehensive documentation of each project. Detailed 3D modelling & digital images all contribute to higher degrees of communications between the client, consultants and contractors. We believe an informed contractor means more accurate bidding, schedules and results.


We carefully listen to the specific needs and goals of our clients. While a computer isn't in and of itself creative, our designers are. The most important resource we can offer is our people and we never lose sight of what dialog and a pencil can accomplish.


We offer prospective clients for an obligation free initial meeting. During this appointment, we help answer any general questions you may have about your project. This includes rough cost involved, design ideas and the local council requirements. 

In order to provide clients with an accurate fee proposal, we will need to determine the extend of our scope of work. This is hard to work out at an early stage so we propose working on an hourly rate ($80+GST per hour) until we have produced an overall conceptual design. 
We keep clients informed when the accumulated hours have reached the $1,000 mark. An invoice will be issued on a monthly basis or once the cost has reached the $1,000 mark.

Once a conceptual design is produced, we can continue to working on an hourly rate or prepare a fee proposal to a scope of work that the clients are comfortable with.

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